Gulal l Banaras l Collection l Gul-Bahar








गुल से गुलिस्तां तक का फासला बरकरार है,
शुक्र है, उनके दरमियां खुशबू गुलबहार है ||
The flower still has miles to cover, 
Until the orchard's in sight, it's the fragrance that lingers.
- Ruhani Fitoor
Of delicate romanticism, pastel colors, vintage charm and eternal spring, Gul-Bahar is a whimsical collection of comfortable yet stylish, understated yet festive separates in decadent textiles from Banaras and delicately handcrafted texturing.
What better way to articulate the mood of the collection Gul-Bahar than poetry and illustration. Ruhani Fitoor - Abhijit, a poet and Roopal, an Illustrator; has worked closely with Gulal to bring Gul-Bahar alive with their soulful rendition.