Our Story

Wistful nostalgia for the simple pleasures of a slow life, an era bygone and undying love for everything homemade and hand crafted is what drives us at Studio Gulal. Old world charm, a story to tell, vintage and lived-in feel, a sustainable approach and hand me down objects passed on to succeeding generation, never fails to inspire us.
Growing up in a joint family, mothers and grandmothers sitting in the courtyard and making lace for their saris, embroidering pinafores, knitting sweaters, crocheting blouses, sewing new clothes and mending the old ones was a common household sight for the winter afternoons. Exchanging a certain knitting design or a new neck pattern of a blouse over cups of tea and snacks, transistor crooning melodious classics and incessant gossiping while they worked would be a source of great pleasure for the women folk.
As kids, you find all these things very mundane and routine but in hind sight you tend to miss the beauty of the simple life. Concepts of beauty are based on childhood perceptions and experiences and that’s where our love for home grown and handmade stems from.
Our ideation processes and design developments are deeply influenced by these women, their deeply instinctive skills and sustainable approach to life. We are constantly looking for ways to incorporate the new with the old, tweak the age-old techniques and present the old with a new spin.
Gulal is an old-school design studio, firmly rooted in traditions yet keenly focused on the future. For us doing everything we do with love, care and personal touch is paramount. We absolutely love what we do and we hope to share our passion for our craft with the world.